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CDA Student, Harry Peterson, Joins New Zealand Ballet!

Harry Peterson, started his dance training at CDA at age 4, and was determined to be a professional dancer. We are extremely excited that his hard work has paid off and he is off to New Zealand to start his professional dance career with the New Zealand Ballet!

Here is his story he wanted to share about his experience:

"Far too few individuals in our society have any passion for their occupation, but from a very young age I simply had to dance.

Inspired after watching a pas de deux class at California Dance Arts, I started ballet at the age of four. My name is Harry Peterson and I am a professional dancer with the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

At CDA, under the tutelage of Aerin Holt, I developed clean, strong, essential technique which made me stand out among other students, giving me an edge and ensuring my invitation to later train at world class institutions including the Paris Opera Ballet, The Royal Ballet School, The School of American Ballet and San Francisco Ballet School.

Aerin’s pas de deux training is unmatched and the skills she taught me were recognized not only by these institutions but actually led me to my current position.

The original productions created at CDA gave me the opportunity to not only use and hone my skills, but also develop a love of performing. The small class sizes and individual attention I received at the school were essential to my growth as a dancer.

Being laughed at for pursuing dance is familiar to almost any boy who studies ballet. I was always encouraged by Aerin, who helped me through the bullying and ridicule young men who dance endure, giving me the mental strength needed to stay focused and on point.

Her training regime and cross training routines showed me the discipline, dedication and grit that goes into being a dancer.

Being a professional dancer is an extremely demanding occupation that is far more than just a job. CDA nurtured my passion for dance, instilled in me a connection with my own body and soul that very few individuals will achieve as well as a love of exploring my body in order to push it to new levels and a fascination with how to constantly improve my skill levels in all areas of movement and performance.

Thanks to Aerin and CDA’s training and support, instilling dedication, discipline and devotion, my dream really did come true!"

We are so proud of Harry and look forward to watching his incredible career continue to unfold. He serves as an inspiration to all of the students at CDA and stands as a great example of what hard work and proper training can do. Bravo Harry!

For more information on classes click here.


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