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Adult Classes for All Skill Levels

Offering a wide variety of dance classes!


At California DanceArts, we feature some of L.A.’s most beloved and renowned teachers of Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary and more. Offering beginning through advanced and Open Level classes that allow experienced dancers the challenges they seek and opportunities for beginner adults to get hooked!

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Modern Dance Teacher
Modern Dance Class

Motion Reset w/ Aerin Holt - Posture Alignment

Are you in Pain? Have you suffered an injury that is keeping you from your favorite sport or weekend activity? Are you considering surgery? Before you take the drastic steps of cutting your flesh, tendon and muscles or resort to a pain pill regimen, you may want learn about our Posture Alignment Therapy that concentrates on the alignment of all physical joints.


With a series of positions and exercises, the joints can begin to work as nature intended with correct posture and without physical pain. Used at CDA for pain experienced by our dancers, we now extend this therapy to anyone wishing to improve their physical condition.  This is a proven method for relieving your pain and correcting damage. Used at CDA for pain experienced by our dancers, we now extend this therapy to anyone wishing to improve their physical condition. This method has also been used successfully for dancers and athletes who are not in pain, but who wish to improve their coordination and response time so that they get to the TOP of their “game”.  Offered privately and semi privately.

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Adult Broadway Jazz with Malinda Farrington

Having performed in 5 Broadway Shows, the last of which was Chita Rivera-The Dancers Life, Ms Farrington knows Broadway Jazz! As a student at Alvin Ailey School of Dance, she was exposed to great teachers and choreographers and is able to pass to her students an understanding of technical excellence. Her class is the perfect way to wake up and hone your jazz technique with routines that deliver challenging combinations of steps from Broadway and Jazz dance themes.

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Adult Ballet 

Nothing like a good ballet class to put the rest of your training, and your week, in place. Whether you are a former career ballet dancer or you wish to develop a new skill, this adult ballet class is just the right combination of physical and technical energy. The class is just as good for a beginning student as it is for a seasoned dancer.

Core training for every dancer, no matter the age of the student or any other style of dance one wishes to pursue, begins with the fundamentals provided by Classical Ballet. Understand techniques that assist in finding your core abdominal and what dancers call “center”, while tightening and toning your entire body. Our adult ballet program provides an enjoyable opportunity for structured study of vocabulary, musicality, body placement, creative expression and artistry developed from historic classical ballet techniques.  Delivered by Aerin Holt, who specializes in delivering classes that are packed full of information and movement, that pin-point and fix trouble areas, and increase your artistry in order to get you dancing like a pro in no time! Our adult ballet program is an artistic and exhilarating way to start and end your day.

Walk-in and take a class! Everyone welcome! See our class schedule and register today!

Men Only Class

A program just for Men.  Historically, ballet was actually intended for men…not women. Men are natural athletes.  Ballet was used by King Louis IV to train his soldiers!  Pro athletes still supplement their training with ballet!  This program is a general dance class working on Contemporary dance, Conditioning and Ballet for men who always wanted to dance but were afraid to try!  The focus is on jumps, turns, strength and specific steps and tricks that are unique to male dancers.

Dance Essentials™


Developed for dancers, actresses and musicians to help them achieve stage presence and performance skills in preparation of major events in their careers. The method has been featured in Music Magazines and Publications for Actors. Dance Essentials™ is a toolbox of skills required for gaining good Stage Presence, Dramatic Ability, Rhythm, Picking up Choreography, the Ability to Improvise and more. Dance Essentials™ is fun and taught within a variety of drills, games and application of specific concepts. It's fun and students enjoy learning. The program is delivered to anyone at any age! Exclusively delivered only at California DanceArts. The method is integrated into CDA’s CORE programs, but can be delivered upon special request to groups or in private lessons to students or professional performing artists.

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