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Ballet Classes for Children

Primary Ballet (Level A, B, C)


"Young dancers are training at a very vulnerable time in their lives... so train the whole person, not just the dancer."  - Deborah Bull 

We call them “Angels”. During our holiday ballet of the ”The Snow Queen”, our Angels are dressed with golden wings that float across the stage and guide Gerda into the realm of the Snow Queen.


California DanceArts offers specialty classes for young children ages approximately 5-7 years. This program provides challenges of discipline and creative play while learning basic concepts appropriate to the children’s age and development.


Each class runs 45 mins. The shorter class length keeps children interested and excited to return for their next class.


In these levels, students will learn:

  • Fundamental ballet steps

  • Core motor skills

  • Gain coordination

  • Discipline and manners in a class setting

  • Explore their creativity & imagination!


Primary C prepares children for graduation into the CORE Student Division. Young children many also find more class options in our Student Elective section. We deliver classes with very limited enrollment (8 child maximum), to ensure that students do not miss fundamental concepts. Students receive more personalized attention, learn more effectively, eagerly engage in class and have more fun.


Upon graduation, dancers will enter our CORE Student Program.

We have limited space open in this program and classes fill up quickly, so get your spot now by enrolling today!

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