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Ballet Program - Our Career Prep Division

Dance Classes (Levels 3-7)


Our CORE Career Preparation Division is our upper intermediate and advanced division and is designed to fulfill the artistic needs of experienced dancers. It consists of dedicated training in Classical and Contemporary Ballet. The program is enhanced with Modern dance with a supplement of Cross Training in Conditioning to strengthen joints and core while developing kinetic awareness in order to avoid injury. Our specialized program of Dance Essentials™ broadens student stage presence and artistry.  As students become eligible they may attend classes in Pointe & Variations and Pas de Deux.

"Ballet class is like LIFE LESSON 101. You learn some of life's most important lessons here that you will carry with you forever."  - Joanne H. Morscher

"Enjoy the process of learning to dance. The process of our profession, and not its final achievement, is the heart and soul of dance."  - Jacques d' Amboise 


The many benefits of this division include potential invitation to participate in the California Contemporary Ballet or the Company’s Youth Division, providing many wonderful performance opportunities. As desired, students may be provided with special mentoring for college preparation, audition preparation and career guidance.

Students at Levels 3-7 are designed for Intermediate and Advanced level study based on the Italian Cecchetti syllabus and Russian Vaganova of Classical Ballet with training of Adagio, Allegro, Pas de Duex, Pointe, Classical Variations, and Theatrical skills.


Supplementary classes for Conditioning, MPT (Placement Technique) and Dance Essentials™ are part of this program. At the highest levels, attention is given to bring students from pre-professional to professional level.


Each class is typically one to two hours long.

"Practice means to perform, over and over again in the face of all obstacles, some act of vision, of faith, of desire. Practice is a means of inviting the perfection desired." 

Martha Graham 


Students are challenged with technical skill and vocabulary.  A study of the French translation of the terms used in ballet class provide a more complete understanding of what is being asked for in class. Students have less confusion and maintain a love for ballet! In these levels, students learn advanced technical skills that are built upon more basic skills which students learned in previous levels of training.

Graduation is by Examination. Students are well prepared for examinations which are key to ensuring students progress. CDA students truly earn their level placement and know it. Knowing that you have truly worked for your place in a program develops high self-confidence and pride! Upon completion of each level, students are rewarded for their increased knowledge and skill by graduation award and placement into the next highest level of training.  Our advanced students make graduated progress, eventually developing results compatible with international standards, college acceptance programs and auditions for careers.

Small class sizes ensure that students do not miss fundamental concepts. Students receive more personalized attention and learn more effectively. Except on occasion when students are treated to classes alongside members of the company, California Contemporary Ballet, or when the class offers itself to invited guest artists, auditioning dancers, etc… the classes offered within the Career Preparatory Division maintains a small class size.

Using expert knowledge of what is expected from pre-professional dancers as they develop, mature and discover opportunities for their skills, the California DanceArts faculty assist dancers as they make their own assent toward achieving their dreams.

We have limited space open in this program and classes fill up quickly, so get your spot now by enrolling today!

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Photos are pre-Covid. CDA adheres to all state and Federal protocols for student health and safety.

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