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How to Register Into Our School

Enrolling in a class is easy!

We offer quick and convenient online enrollment!

Please look over the information that we offer, view our class schedule, register your information with us or enroll in a class.

Download Enrollment Application Now!

View Class Schedule and Select a Class – Quick & Convenient!

Register & Enroll Online - Sign up for a FREE REPORT! HOW TO CHOOSE A DANCE SCHOOL (Enrollment is not required to get your Free Report)

Scholarship Awards 

Due to current economic concerns we are proud to have the opportunity to offer limited partial and full training scholarships at this time.  Full scholarships are available for boys and young men. Qualified students must demonstrate commitment to training, work ethic, performance and financial need. Scholarship may be granted after audition class and interview with our school’s Director (applicant and applicant’s family must be available for interview). Begin the process and apply for scholarship by contacting us via email:

If you have any questions or need personal assistance, please call us at (818) 790-7924 or submit an online contact form

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