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CDA Now Offering Online Dance Classes!

Virtual Training Program for Children and Adults


California DanceArts' Virtual Training Program provides a professional experience, giving you access to our qualified teachers and the methods that has made our programs into a premier school of dancing.

No matter where you are or if you are unable to attend a live class, the CDA Virtual Training Program is there for you!

How it works:

California DanceArts Virtual Training Program is a personalized, unique, online experience. We share our love of ballet and dance instruction with children, young adults, and students of any age, who otherwise do not have access to the exceptional type of training we offer. We are able to serve our students regardless of their location.

Our team of highly experienced and passionate teachers expand the scope of ballet and dance training. In addition to improving technique, we also work with creative concepts and address emotional tools that students need to be successful in the very competitive field of classical ballet and contemporary  forms of dance. 

Join us now! Our classroom is everywhere!

We are also offering private lessons and open-air classes! Call us today or contact us online for more info!

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Join CDA Artistic Director, Aerin Holt
Now Teaching Online:
Ballet Tech - CDA Levels 1-5, Adult
Pointe Class - Qualified students only.
Troubleshooting - Experienced dancers
Postural Conditioning - All ages 12+ and Adults

Join CDA teacher, Alexis Ash
Now Teaching Online:
Ballet Tech - CDA Levels 1-3
Children’s Ballet - CDA Levels Pre-ballet- Primary
Stretch & Conditioning - All ages 12+ and Adults

Join CDA teacher, Kelinda White
Now Teaching:
Open-Air Hip-Hop 



Book a lesson or make up missed classes.
Book now while spaces last! Appointment times are filling up!


To get started: Email us at
Or, call us at 818-790-7924


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