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For Intermediate to Advanced Students

Must have at least one year's experience 

Join us Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays July 12-30 for our summer aerial silks camp. Perfect for intermediate to advanced students looking to gain strength, flexibility and learn new sequences. Held in the beautiful California Dance Arts Studios from 5:30 to 7:30. 

Featured apparatuses include aerial silks and Lyra (hoop). Basic acrobatics and tumbling will also be taught, as well as flexibility training. Don't miss your chance to fly high this summer!


Aerial Ballet

California DanceArts has extensive experience in offering Aerial Classes (silks, lyra (hoop) and hammock) from beginner to advanced levels starting as young as 9 years old (younger ages may be accepted by Instructor only). Working over 10 ft in the air, you can be “flying” on your very first lesson! An impressive and necessary training in a “Cirque du Soleil” dominated world of dance and Circus Arts is the art of Aerial Ballet.

Learn specific positions and motions while working with silk scarves and hoops as you dance high in the sky. Utilizing our unique facilities featuring big open spaces and high ceilings, California DanceArts is the only school in our immediate area currently offering an Aerial Ballet program and provides our uniquely qualified instructors. Students must be strong and tall enough to participate. Therefore, all students must be approved by our Aerial Specialist before being allowed to use the silks. 


We offer 3 levels of Aerial; Aerial A (beginner), Aerial B (intermediate) and Aerial C (advanced). Our Aerial Instructors must approve the level of the student and the recommend the class that suits their strength and ability best. For the summer program, only levels A and B will be accepted. 


The California DanceArts Aerial Ballet program is very popular and spaces in the program are limited. We limit our class sizes to no more than 10 students and we often have a waitlist!


Early enrollment is recommended.

Acrodance Classes

We also offer Acrodance classes for beginner and intermediate levels. 


A combination of Acrobatics and Dance. Think Cirque du Soleil. This program is great for acrobats, gymnasts and dancers alike. Focus is on improving tumbling skills, dance skills and combining both in routines and performance. The CDA Acrodance program is very fun and one of our most popular. Spaces in the class are limited. Early enrollment is recommended.


We offer 2 levels of Acrodance; Team A (beginner) and Team B (intermediate). 


The CDA Acrodance program is very fun and one of our most popular. We limit our class sizes to no more than 10 students. 


Early enrollment is recommended.

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Now Enrolling 2023/2024 Classes

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